2016 Sprinter 4x4 Adventure Van

2016 Sprinter 4x4 adventure van conversion


The base for this project is a  2016 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter BlueTEC 4×4 van. It is a multi-purpose recreational and work vehicle. The comforts we built for recreation can be easily removed, so the van can still be used for work.

We begin by working from a detailed drawing and computer rendering of what the end project will look like. The build is laid out with masking tape and labels to mark where everything will be modified and placed.


After the layout is complete and approved, the work begins, running the electrical, plumbing, and other systems.

This van will have a 285-watt solar panel on the roof, charging the battery bank through an MPPT controller. A hot water system was also installed for the onboard sink and shower. The AC and DC wiring was roughed in, and the ventilation fan was installed on the roof and the air conditioning unit. A small heat coil was added to the AC unit to take the chill off when connected to shore power.

The ventilation fan also has a convenient built-in lighting feature – we wired the switch to the inside door frame for easy access from inside and outside.


Cuts for the side windows are made. Once the openings have been cut, a frame is made on the inside of the wall to allow for the inside paneling. The windows are then placed and sealed.


Finally, the air conditioning unit is installed. Along with a custom made roof-rack complete with a solar panel and bright LED lighting all around.

A large storage space is incorporated on the opposite side of the solar panel, and a Fiamma F65S awning was also installed that covers the entrance to the van when extended.

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